Indivisible HOPE 8th meeting

Invitation to our
Indivisible HOPE 8th meeting
with wine & snacks afterwards

on October 19th at 7:00 p.m.

at Peter-Becker-Community, Maplewood Estates Main Building, 2nd floor
Address: 815 Maplewood Drive, Harleysville, PA 



  • Judge Carolyn Nichols, candidate for Superior Court in the upcoming November 7th election
  • Josh Camson, criminal defense lawyer and candidate for State Representative in the 2018 election.
  • We are also in contact with General Attorney Josh Shapiro’s office in Harrisburg and might have a chance that he joins this meeting.

The United States spends about $80 billion a year on incarceration. One in three Americans of working age have a criminal record. Why are so many Americans “criminal”? Did you know that over 60% of Pennsylvania inmates require substance abuse treatment, which they cannot get in jail? Is putting them in jail the answer?  Pennsylvania currently incarcerates over 50,000 people in state prisons, giving it the 6th largest prison population in the nation. It costs taxpayers far more to house an inmate than to fund education for our kids.

We want to talk about these issues and potential reform options with very experienced speakers in the criminal justice field.



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