Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement

To build and sustain a community dedicated to justice and the preservation of our democracy.

 Vision Statement

We believe in:

Equal opportunity for all citizens

  1. Providing affordable and quality healthcare to all Americans
  2. Quality education that gives all citizens the opportunity to reach their potential
  3. A diverse population and the benefits derived from diversity
  4. Laws that protect and preserve our environment, including reforms for cleaner and safer air and water
  5. An honest and open government that is accountable to the American people


We will accomplish this through the following means:

  1. Conduct meetings and forums to inform and educate the electorate in and around the Harleysville PA area on topics important to the legislative process.
  2. Maintain a presence on Facebook and other social media where interested parties can find information about our organization.
  3. Actively seek out ways to increase voter turnout at all elections.
  4. Provide a forum for political candidates that share values consistent with our mission and vision statements.